Road Trip Suradit 14 February 2015 Nathan stays with his mother who is a drug addict and a mother in name only. Note that due to sensitive subject matter

parents should probably see the film before letting younger children see it, and watch the film with them. He finds a way to coerce a man, Boon, who he runs into at a diner to give him a lift. CT Gay Lesbian Film Festival. The answer is as simple as the question. And that's what makes this movie memorable; that's what makes it such a gem. "My approach and treatment of this story was that there were no villains, that everyone thought they were doing the right thing.". We actually watched the out-takes/cut scenes which reveal an even worse writing imaginable (someone at least had the sense to hire a very good editor). The performances from the leads are great, especially from Branden Nadon and Dylan Walsh, and the story moves along well. The most poignant lines for me were where he said he just wanted to be a good kid and to have scott nude huge gay a father to help with his homework and go fishing and camping. The ending, although perhaps a little soppy, was what I was hoping for although pushed a little far by Boon returning, almost instantly, to his former teen lover of twenty years past and her boy. But the scenes when Boone's girlfriend thought Nathan and Boone were father and son was the best! On the way to there the man goes back to his hometown where he visits his invalid and unconscious father but that leads him to a girl friend from a long time ago and the boy he is transporting, Nathan, falls for the son. Sometimes a movie can touch you, like this one does, even though you know it has some terribly bad aspects like cardboard-cutout characters and unbelievable plot turns. She dies right at the beginning due to an overdose, which leaves Nathan orphaned and totally isolated. If not, there are much more accurate, hard-hitting and blunt dramas out there. Dave Schultz is to be congratulated for creating a very moving independent Canadian film on what I imagine was a limited budget. This last aspect is probably slightly, just slightly overdone and a bit corny. The action ends up in Vancouver for sure where Nathan is more or less in the room of an older man and needs to be reprieved from perdition while Boon is following and arriving and breaking a door, and at the same time. This film was Branden Nardon's acting debut and what a job he did. I would say, if you happen to be a fan of "Nip/Tuck" or want a "feel good" movie about pedophilia knowing it will all work out in the end, then sure. Permalink, one of the best made for TV movies I've seen drpakmanrains, warning: Spoilers, about once or twice a year I find a film that has been seen by almost no one, and yet turns out to be outstanding and should have reached a much. We need to see more of him as an adult actor. From his experiences, Nathan will ultimately come to learn that sex and love are two very different things and that kindness, doesn't always mean what he thought it meant. What a great film! The first trailer for Joel Edgerton's emotional new film. His father is unknown, even to his mother, but he claims he's heading west to find him. He does everything to please the man, makes their breakfast and as some subtle hints reveal would not mind sleeping in the same bed with him. This movie hooked me and it kept me hooked all the way through. See All (9) genres: Drama, certificate: 12, see all certifications parents Guide: View content advisory edit, details. The audience never stops learning about the two main characters, their individual stories and their background, which provides the movie with tremendous quality and causes curiosity that makes the audience dive into the story and stay alert. Many people are going to find it somewhat disturbing, however, unlike similar coming of age stories, Jet Boy does ultimately have a point and it's something most people need to learn.

Thereapos, itapos, nathan comes to a desperate proposal to keep Boon. That heapos, it becomes clear from the very beginning of their traveling companionship that Nathan sees much more than a temporary ride in Boon. S made it fourteen years, these very subtle scenes at the beginning make us aware of how desperate this young simon king gay porn boy.

Maybe he just wanted to get as far away as possible from the life he had been living. Also Known As, which stars Australians Nicole Kidman 1 out of 1 found this helpful. Young Branden is just excellent here he breathes real life into his character making him both toughened and vulnerable at the same time.