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direct almost every aspect of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. New York Times for September 23, 1939, 4 on Thursday between 75 and 100 followers showed up at the restaurant at Forty-first Street and Lexington Avenue, where most of the strike activity has been concentrated, and groups went into the place, purchased five-cent cups. A men's knitting circle is different, too, he says. For Berner, Knitting Man is a space where he feels connected, where he belongs. 6 With the encouragement of Melvin.

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1958 Wichita and Oklahoma City edit Main articles: Dockum Drug Store sit-in and Clara Luper This sit-in for the purpose of integrating segregated establishments began on July 19, 1958, in Wichita, Kansas, at Dockum Drugs, a store in the old Rexall chain."As a knitter, you spend hours and hours with this yarn, so a knitter is more often than not going to be perfectly happy to pay 20 to 30, if it's gorgeous and squishy."."Short History of the 504 Sit in".