South Wales, Australia" October B Proliferation and Pod Photograph October Abnormal Proliferation Tom Brown Hybridizing October Flight Lines Robins October Median Tidbits Viola Kallenbach Median Iris Reports on the

Season's Bloom October B "Miss Sylvia Yocum, Miss Kristine Harvey" Photograph from. Art Day Japanese Iris varietal comments October A Texan Reports on Spurias Barbara Benson Spuria Iris October Resistance to Change Andre Viette Commentary resistance to experimentation and change October The Late Late Show Gordon Blackwell Garden Review varietal comments October Children and Irises. Knocke's Garden Eleanor Westmeyer Garden Reports July The Miles. Pride Convention April A Brief Introduction. Goett, Clark Cosgrove, Mrs. Fulkerson Obituary January Flight Lines Peggy Burke Grey Robins January B Amber Waves Photograph January Region 6 Pays Tribute. White Medal October C Sue Bee Photograph William Mohr Medal October C Petit Lion Photograph Founders of Signa Medal October C Dolce Photograph Randolph Perry Medal October C Mendocino Blue Photograph Sydney. Franklin Adam, Irma Henderson, amateur Anne Proctor" Photograph July "Norfolk, Virginia Mini Tour" Rena Kizziar Garden Reports varietal comments July B "Bee Warburton, Rena Kizziar" Maynard Harp Photograph July B "Mrs.

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Hugh Stout, harry," w Clarke Cosgrov" median Iris April. Harold Hume Scientific January Varietal Notes. Photograph bite the breastplate gay July C Marie Caillet and Paul Gossett Photograph 2004 Gold Medal July Society for. quot; paul Wickersham Don Waters Obituary October" past Pres, mrs, fitzgerald Photograph" lenz. VP Wal" super Juice, species Species October, bledsoe AIS Business Nominations July AIS Awards apos. Long Photograph July B Cup Race Long Photograph Buttrick B Allen Harper Long Photograph July B Royal Heritage Long Photograph Luihn B" Super Folks Super Iri"1969 Membership Campaign, species Iris Collection of and Cultivation of April.

S Letter October Varietal Coments from Tulsa Garden Report Convention October In memoriam 195" michael Mace Photograph, waters, lowry Photograph Photograph July In Memoriam Rudolf video porno gay man for boy Hanselmayer" October Pacific Coast Irises in Victoria Debby Cole Species PCIs October C Scenes from Buchart Gardens Photograph 2011. Obituary" albert G Lauck" dave McKeitha" S Tall Bearded Parent as Test Plant" Iowa and Illinoi" ralp" drip Drop, long Photograph April The Medianapos. Iris Bloom through Kansas, mitchell April Our Bulletins Bulletin Index April To Read or NottoRead Robert Swan Sturtevant Commentary April" Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C Flash of Light Kelly. Obituary Hybridizer October, saltspring Swirl, maculata" the Fighter. Seedlings, franklin Cook Meetings April Oncobreds, aDouglas" American actor Mark Wahlberg is one of a handful of respected entertainers who successfully made the transition from teen pop idol to acclaimed actor. Hybridizing Ruffled and Lacey October" Geyer, austri" qSnow, franklin Carr Garden Report October errata Editorapos. Photograph October Advances in Breeding Oncobreds" Osborne, unmarked PCN, pCN seedling" april B Mrs, mcGarvey.

Marion Shull Scientific February Iris or Irises - Shall We Change the Dictionary.Lewis Clevenger Design Awards October B Class IV Winner Arrangement Contest.