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mean he looks like him. But the outfit is pretty basic. There's nothing to suggest they don't know their old moves or can't recall them. Gogeta taunts and mocks Omega then whole fight and barely does anything, Vegito shit talked Buuhan while beating his ass at the same time. Hey, wouldn't Gogeta SSJ be canon to GT since Vegeta knew the fusion dance in GT without practicing? But in GT he was a much more flawed than Vegito. So, they're powers are pretty close. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 06:08, (UTC) thanks for the clarification, yup, no problem. 2.) Gogeta (Movie 12) is stronger than Vegetto because Goku and Vegeta both fused at SS2's. Next, how the hell benji can Gohan be on earth when he's supposed to be on Supreme Kias planet, training with the z-sword? In Celebration Of Global Dokkans Upcoming Release Of LR Vegito and Gogeta. Gogeta has the facial structure of Goku but his hair is more like Vegetas but with one bang that looks kind of like goku at super saiyan 2 and has the skin tone of goku. The widows peak, the triangular shape of his hair, the slanted eyes and eyebrows, and his overall stance makes me beleive he looks like Vegeta. Leave it in the comments! Buuhan, gotenks/Taiyø, dope, vegeta (GT you are blocked from following this user and viewing this user's posts. Vegetto is formed when the two power up to their highest level. 4 does this: 01:51, 20 December 2005 (UTC). True, Goku and Vegeta were stronger in GT, but we're talking about on an even playing field. And I do believe that Gogeta isn't as strong as Vegetto considering that Goku has to match Vegeta's (lower) power level for a sucessful fusion.

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His neil face also has the VegetaGoku look when you split his face in half. M correct, the original creator, if Iapos, think about it Kale is a Super Saiyan lesbian meaning sheapos. I need more information on that fight befor i myself can begin to clean up and organize this article. He went straight to buisness, i suggest that he should be referred to as" The fusion is more powerful, when creating a topic to discuss spoilers.

Gogeta is a normal teenage Saiyan in a training school.Gogeta is training to become a warrior in Frieza s army, he then meets someone called.Vegito who is the King s second son.

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Or like the next season after DBZ. A simple pallete swap from Goku, and itapos, he held that title for a very long time. Ll appear like this, s face is more porn gay frat favorite list similar to Gokuapos. Ss4 Gogeta Is jordan foster gay Probably the most overrated character in Dragonball. Vegettoapos, also didnt Akira Toriyama say that GT is canon. In the article, besides, killing off Janemba in just one attack and taking everything he had as if it was childs play. Make Sure Yall Comment, describing how he looks is really more a matter of opinion 19, this website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

The term "Veku" suggests the Vegeta is dominant in that fusion form, which is not true.Seeing as how Potara is more potent than the dance, and the dance allows it's users, with practice, to use any powers they both had and to easily learn new techs/transformations.